In general, your pregnancy may be high-risk if:
You have a health problem, such as:

High-risk complications occur in only 6 percent to 8 percent of all pregnancies.
These complications can be serious and require special care to ensure the best possible outcome.



High blood pressure.

Kidney disease.


You use alcohol or illegal drugs, or you smoke.

You are younger than 17 or older than 35.

You are pregnant with more than one baby (multiple pregnancy).

You have had three or more miscarriages.

Your baby has been found to have a genetic condition, such as Down syndrome, or a heart, lung, or kidney problem.

You had a problem in a past pregnancy, such as:

Preterm labor.

Preeclampsia or seizures (eclampsia).

Having a baby with a genetic problem, such as Down syndrome.

You have an infection, such as HIV or hepatitis C. Other infections include cytomegalovirus (CMV), chickenpox, rubella, toxoplasmo

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