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Keeping Safe from COVID-19

Keeping Safe from COVID-19 : Precautions for pregnant women and new mothers
AS per WHO Guidelines:
** Below post contents are published by WHO for public interest and awareness
1) Take care of yourself and your baby
2) Stay at home and avoid meeting outsiders. Wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand rub. Prepare for delivery and make arrangements to reach hospital. Its safer to deliver in a hospital, even during the COVID-19 pandemic
3) Always be alert on pregnancy related warning signs. Continue visiting your doctor or midwife for regular checkups. Immediately contact the doctor in case of symptoms like pain in abdomen, bleeding, watery discharge and severe headache. In case of an emergency visit nearest hospital.
4) Wash hands before and after touching and feeding your baby. Wash clothes and sterilize all utensils & articles that come in contact with you or your baby.
5) Breastfeed within 1 hour of birth and continue. It protects your baby from infections. Keep your baby close to you. Practice skin-to-skin contact (Kangaroo care) for small or preterm babies.
6) Wear a medical mask while breastfeeding the baby. Wash your hands with soap and water or
use alcohol-based hand rub before feeding. Keep at least 1 meter distance from others.

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